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Private Cloud Hosting


AONUI is a private custom cloud hosting service, with on-demand availability of data storage and computing power.  AONUI can provide a full export of the customer Virtual Machine that a customer can then import into their own systems.

Benefits of Private Cloud Hosting:

  1. A robust computing environment targeted at customer experience and needs, with performance, reliability, and security as our primary focus.
  2. To provide a more targeted performance threshold (at a lower price)
  3. In the event of catastrophic software failure, AONUI can restore from previous backups in 4-6 hours
  4. AONUI provides a full Virtual Machine that can import into any of your systems and boot up, or transfer to your own equipment or service that supports Microsoft HyperV VMs.

BPA Platform: 

BPA Platform enables organizations to build powerful automated business
processes while leveraging the power of existing systems. The product is
built around the central concepts of tasks and steps to provide the ability to
build ultimately flexible automation processes with logical building blocks.
These processes integrate seamlessly with existing information sources,
applications, infrastructure and communications without the need for
complex programming.

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