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    Download: “Are Self-Guided ERP Implementations Effective?”

 Failed ERP implementations cost companies hundreds of thousands – even millions – of dollars each year.

Some equate the uncertainty of a self-guided ERP implementation with the unknown safety of self-driving cars.

Why, then, do some businesses insist on implementing ERP software themselves, without the guidance of a professional consulting firm?

Download this PDF to find out why.

Purchasing new software for your manufacturing or distribution company is a major investment. Implementing it properly is a complex task that requires planning, coordination, and execution among all departments in your company.

Download this PDF and learn how to avoid crashing an ERP implementation.

  1. Common reasons for failed ERP implementations, and how to avoid them
  2. How out-of-pocket costs are often confused with project savings
  3. Tips for choosing an implementation partner
  4.  Why The Syllogist Group is different
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So you're saying self-guided implementations are effective?
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